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Electrophotography, is that the oldest of the non-impact printing technologies, have been invented within the late 1930’s by Chester Carlson. Electro photographic printing is usually stated as xerography (meaning dry writing) and/or laser printing. Technically the term “laser” refers to the particular light exposure technology used in the method, however usually than not, the term laser printer is generically used to describe any electro photographic printing system (such as an LED printer, no matter its exposure technology.

Electrophotography is that the most complex digital printing technology, consisting of 2 critical materials and 7 method steps.

Electrophotographic Printing Materials

  • Photoconductor (Often stated as the photoreceptor)
  • Toner

Seven method Steps:

  • ¬†Development
  • Fuse
  • Charge
  • Transfer
  • Erase
  • Clean
  • Expose

The principal benefits of Electrophotography  over different non-impact printing or digital printing technologies are:

  • Large speed vary – products from 4 PPM to 1,000 PPM
  • Excellent print quality for text, graphics, and pictorials

Cebu Printing Services is the leading independent technical authority in electrophotographic printing services and also the product development of electrophotographic printing system products and sub-systems.

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